Title:Migration:Cities Video


Christos Stefanou "Refugee Education"

Migration:Cities Workshop, Athens 2017

Migration:Cities Athens Workshop 2017 – presentation by Christos Stefanou, Refugee Education Coordinator in Eleonas camp, Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs about the inclusion of refugee children in the Greek formal education system.

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Gegê Leme Joseph

I am a partner at Much | Media and Culture, a media and culture company working across different countries, based in São Paulo, Brazil. I am trained in architecture/urban planning through the University of São Paulo, production design in South Africa and have a masters degree in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. I am specialised in strategic and interpretive planning, as well as in experience development for the museum, heritage and culture sectors, marrying complex content and interpretative environments which are engaging and well planned. I have developed museum concepts, exhibitions, interpretative plans, as well as products across a range of media and themes, in South Africa, Brazil and other countries since 2000.

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