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Invitation to Contribute
Welcome! First of all, thank you for considering to contribute. We designed a four-part kit to guide you through the process of becoming an active contributor to Migration:Cities. In this file, you …

Workshop: working outside your comfort zone

Linda Norris
Migration:Cities Workshop, Mexico 2017. Linda Norris is Global Networks Program Director at the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, a global network of historic sites, museum and memory …

(Im)migration and museum trends in Japan

Chunni Chui, Hiromi Takao & Kaori Akazawa
Migration:Cities Workshop, Mexico 2017. In collaboration with Hiromi Takao & Kaori Akazawa, Chunni (Jenny) Chui is focusing on "(Im)migration and museum trends in Japan". Chunni Chiu (Jenny) …

This has to last 40 years - Manitoba Museum

Rachel Erickson
Migration:Cities Workshop, Mexico 2017. "This has to last 40 years" is about future planning and community collaborations of the Manitoba Museum.

Migration and museums.the whirlwind of the ambulat

Francisco Javier Guerrero
Migration:Cities Workshop, Mexico 2017. Mtro. Francisco Javier Guerrero Mendoza is Principal Investigator “C” of the Department of Ethnology and Social Anthropology (DEAS) at the Institute of …

Hospitality Response to Migration in Mexico

Irazú Vargas
Migration:Cities Workshop, Mexico 2017. Irazú Gómez Vargas has a Master in Management of Projects, by the Iberoamericana University, campus Puebla. Specialty on migration and asylum with a human …

Open Museums: spaces of social participation

Inés Giménez Delgado
Migration:Cities Workshop, Mexico 2017. Inés Giménez Delgado coordinates the area of Communication of INEDIM. Is responsible for the strategic and digital communication of the organization, media …

Open Museums: spaces of social participation

Fabienne Venet
Migration:Cities Workshop, Mexico 2017. Fabienne Venet is currently director of the Institute of Studies and Dissemination on Migration A.C. (INEDIM) and is Fellow Ashoka. She was coordinator of the …

The Museum at the Centre of Arrival

Doug Saunders
Migration:Cities Workshop, Mexico 2017. Doug Saunders is the international-affairs columnist for Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper and is the author of three books on migration and cities: Arrival …