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Authentic Rotterdam Heritage - "Powerwomen"

Amina Hussen's Story

Museum Rotterdam presents the results of its collaboration with Krachtvrouwen(Powerwomen), a 300-women community supporting one another

The Krachtvrouwen in the Oude Westen, Rotterdam is a community of 300 women from 80 different nationalities, who join forces to support one another and the neighbourhood. They do so during activities where they meet and eat together. Women can decide themselves how often they join activities. Some of them only join the coffee gathering; they drink coffee together and talk with each other. Others are much more active and join the sewing lessons, are active in the kitchen or join the Dutch lessons. They can also join sports activities or visits to the museum. Museum Rotterdam is collecting the contemporary history of the city in an active collection. The ‘Krachtvrouwen’ are in this Authentic Rotterdam Heritage collection no. 0011

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Curator at Museum Rotterdam

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